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About us


The idea to establish Bus and Fly appeared in the year 2003, when four people, very experienced in tourism, logistics and in a great number of other spheres, combined their efforts under the leadership of Marina Berdichevskia the company director. The first bus departed from Spaichingen/Baden-Württemberg on June 1, 2003.

Bus and Fly is now located in Bamberg/Bayern and links more that 30 cities in Eastern and Western Europe.


Bus and Fly is a customer oriented bus company, using an innovative approach towards meeting the customers’ needs. Our goal is to offer bus trips to the citizens of Eastern and Western Europe, and to offer new possibilities to tourists from EU countries. Bus and Fly uses the latest technologies to prove customers, that the outstanding service offered by this company is sure to make each customer pleasantly impressed, especially by the quality-price ratio. Bus and Fly has at its disposal only modern buses, the best in their class, serviced by the team of professional mechanics. This allows the company to provide a first-class service to its customers. Bus and Fly operates Neoplan and Mercedes buses.


Bus and Fly is constantly negotiating to develop its network and to provide affordable transport service in Eastern and Western European countries. Our network is growing constantly and we regularly launch new direct bus trips from one city to another. Bus and Fly strives to maintain the lowest prices in the region, therefore our choice of the starting departure point is of great importance. Whenever possible, Bus and Fly collaborates with the bus terminals, bus approach to which takes the least time and is cost-justifiable, since these two factors affect the ticket price.


We believe personnel are the company’s image. The Bus and Fly team, on board and in the office, is unified by our love for what we do. We believe that high standards can be reached and maintained only by teamwork. Our single goal-oriented professionalism has become our momentum and a success factor of Bus and Fly.